Roman Kreyol, Refining The Haitian Lifestyle

Roman Kreyol is a multi-cluster platform that aggregates entertainment, food and culture as a primary tool and resource for Haitians in Haiti and around the globe. The R
oman Kreyol app is available on Android and iPhone devices. 

The Magazine:
Roman Kreyol magazine is under the entertainment cluster. It is a romantic magazine that focuses on modern day relationship of mainstream young adults.

Magazine Synopsis:
After a two year engagement that went wrong, Audré finds herself in the dating scene once more. As she re-enters the dating world, she soon realizes how hard it is to find quality dates. She soon meets Ed, a bartender and entrepreneur that she falls in love with. Through this newly found relationship, she experiences unconditional love like never before.
Her love is tested when she sets out to help Ed get the funding for his start-up company at the risk of breaking her chastity vow. Alix, a wealthy businessman who desires Audré for himself, uses deceptive measures to lure and gain Audré’s love and affection.
Roman Kreyol is currently available in English, Kreyol, French and Yoruba. 

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